CIAO BELLA STAFFING is the only one-stop solution to temporary and long term event, domestic and promotional placements.  We provide both temporary event and culinary staffing as well as customized talent recruitment for restaurants, venues, hotels, caterers and private individuals.

CIAO BELLA STAFFING'S procurement and vetting of  personnel eliminates the stress and time consumption of direct hiring. Our fees are reasonable and there is no charge to the applicants.Clients may hire our staff for a one time event, on-going temporary, or full-time permanent. Our permanent placement cooks stage for our clients and we offer a complimentary replacement arrangement for 3 months.

CIAO BELLA STAFFING'S Private Chef Program curates fantastic events on a more intimate level (10-150 people).  We also have larger scale catering and consulting program on request.

CIAO BELLA STAFFING has the pipeline for your new culinary product. First our team can help with branding and development. Next, let us assist you with the launch through our industry contacts, trade shows and sales broker.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation 424-279-3212 or via email at


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